Antipasti... Primi... Secondi... Contorni... Dolci... Dispensa (pantry)...

When we first came to Italy, we read a lot of cookbooks. We own quite a few, and as the years have come and gone, we have acquired more and more.

A bible of the Italian cook is Pellegrino Artusi's book, The Art of Eating Well. Originally written in Italian in 1891, it has been passed down from generation to generation. It has been said of Artusi, "He was the first to recognize that Italy's culinary gold lay in the hands of its mothers and grandmothers, and he was the first to transform their typically vague description of family favorites into recipes anyone could cook." Corby Kummer, New York Magazine A few years ago, Kyle Phillips wrote a translation of that book. Out of print, we are fortunate to own a copy.

When not reading Artusi, Eva follows Marcella Hazen, Carol Field, as well as utilizing the internet often for recipes. She enjoys reading a few different recipes for a given dish, then closing the books and figuring out one for herself. More often than not, they come out well. Dino is an adventurous eater, and looks forward to trying anything new.

Here are a few recipes we especially like. They are mostly Italian in nature, although periodically we cry out for something international. We will add to them whenever we hear what we believe to be authentic "bravo!"s from happy eaters. Feel free to email us your favorites.

Buon appetito!

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