Our projects at L'Avventura
We moved here in 2002. Now and then, we'll share photos of what we're up to.

Our first major projects included: the restoration of our front wall, creation of a new parking area and installation of a new septic system, These projects were all rolled into one, taking several months to complete during the spring of 2003. Here are some before and after photos.



In early 2005, Eva wanted to convert the former chicken coop that was in the garden above our parking area, to a greenhouse (serra). The plan was that she would use it as a greenhouse/potting shed. We shopped around for it and couldn't find anything ready-made that would fit in the space that is defined by a natural tufa wall, a man made tufa wall and a raised planting area. So, we designed our own and had a local blacksmith (fabbro) build it in steel and glass. In order to cut costs,
Dino acted as Silvano's assistant.

This is the former chicken coop...

..and here is the completed serra/studio!
Almost immediately after it was installed, Eva began using it as her ceramics painting studio. We still refer to it as the serra (greenhouse), but it is mostly dedicated to ceramics. It has running water, an inside awning to cut down on the heat in the summer and a heater for the chilly days.

..and Eva painting in her studio.

In February 2006 we installed a characteristic little stufa, or wood stove, in the kitchen. It was routed into our chimney by channeling out the wall behind it. The channel is 20cm. deep so it's good that the walls are 50cm thick! We'll install a stufa with pellets when we can find a characteristic one. But for now this little one will help to heat the kitchen in the coldest part of the winter.

We still have to "faux" the wall ...

In the Spring of 2006, we'll put in a new ceramic garden sink, with tiles hand painted by Eva. She is constantly painting the tiles (Feb-Mar '06). Here is a shot of the old sink and then shots of the


...Week 1

...Week 2

...Week 3

...Week 4

And the house needs repainting. And the wall just before San Rocco needs to be rebuilt...And then there's the bocce court... There's always something going on.

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