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MOBILE: (this is generally the best to call as it is ALWAYS on and ALWAYS with us)
From the US: 011.39.333.585.8262
From the UK or Europe: 0039.333.585.8262
From a Smart phone: +39.333.585.8262

FIXED LINE: (if we are not in, please leave a message.)
From the US: 011.39.0763.342.726
From the UK or Europe: 0039.0763.342.726
From a Smart phone: +39.0763.342.726

SKYPE: roydiner (but, of course, we need to be at the computer to receive the call.)

MAILING ADDRESS: Via Pertusa 21, 05018 Orvieto (TR), Italy

We look forward to hearing from you!

Roy and Evanne Diner

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